Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Taco Soup

Everyone has their own version. Here is mine:

2# of hamburger
Small yellow onion - diced
1 can chili beans or mexican beans
1 can kidney beans [dark or light]
2 cans of tomatoes [diced or stewed]
1 can white corn - drained
1 pkt taco seasoning [reduced sodium]*
1 pkt hidden valley ranch dressing
2 cups water. More or less based on desired thickness

Cook hamburger and onion. Drain fat.
Add canned goods.
Add taco and dressing packets.
Add amount of water for your desired thickness.

Optional topping: tortillas chips and shredded cheese.

* Add another 1/2 packet of taco seasoning for a deeper flavor.
-Add 1 can of rotel and 1 can green chilis to spice it up.
-To stretch for a few more people add another can of corn, tomatoes and beans.
-Freezes well.

Please wipe your can tops with damp cloth before opening. Most can tops dip into the contents while opening and you don't won't shelf dust or anything else getting into your food. Yuck!

Oops, no photo. We ate it all.

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