Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Check marks for the bucket list

Can you believe I took this trip in September and didn't blog about it?!

I don't really have a bucket list but I did get to experience eating at Paula Deen's "The Lady & Sons" and her brother Bubba's "Uncle Bubba's" in Savannah, GA.

Clay, Gale & Barry...posing with the restaurant behind us.

While I didn't get to meet either I was happy that Lenata "Jelly Roll" Jones was working the day we had lunch at The Lady & Sons. She was happy to stop making bread for me to snap a quick picture. And, the bread was w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l.

Hoe cake and cheese biscuit!

I had the Chicken Pot Pie for lunch. Isn't is pretty?

Here I am with my two favorite guys!

And, thanks to Chris for making our lunch a fun meal.


  1. That looks like a fantastic trip with lots of fabulous food! Fun!

    1. It was...I hope to go back. A week wasn't enough to enjoy all the city offers.

  2. THAT is the BEST chicken pot pie I have ever seen in all my life! Wow! And how sweet is Lenata?! Lovely captures of your September trip, Gale. :)

    1. We had so much fun and good food...my son was only a few months back from Afghanistan and his arrival was a surprise for me. Made the trip double fun!


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