Monday, February 6, 2012

Cheese dip...Punkin style

Hopping back to the post to link up with the weekend potluck. Make this version the next time a cheese dip is on your menu.

I couldn't call it cheese dip...that is boring. This is the version my cousin, Teresa, aka Punkin, served us while visiting with her back home in Alabama. It really takes the standard cheese dip to a new level! I made half of the recipe, as shown below. You can easily double this for a crowd.

4 oz Velveeta cheese
1 Sausage roll*
1 Rotel [do not drain]
1 Cream of Mushroom soup
1 Cream of Onion soup

Mix the soups and rotel in a crock pot. Cube the cheese and add to the mixture. Brown and drain sausage and add to the crock pot.

Heat and enjoy with chips or bread cubes.

*Control your heat by the type of sausage you use. To intensify the heat add a second can of rotel, but drain it.

I often use store brands... this is what I got when I sent Barry with my list :)

Love and miss you, Punkin!

Gale Wall & Teresa Wilson


  1. Thanks for sharing with Weekend Potluck! This sounds amazing! I have never seen a Queso-type cheese dip that uses cream of's before! LOVE IT and printing it now!

    1. It really kicks it up a notch adding the two soups to this oldie but goodie! You could do hamburger too but we love the sausage :)


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