Friday, June 8, 2012

Baked Mostaccioli

I made this last week using the pasta sauce recipe previously posted. YUM. I love pasta.

Ingredients needed, in addition to pasta sauce:

1 # box of Mostaccioli pasta [or Penne]
16 oz Ricotta [your choice of whole or low fat]
1 1/2 C of Shredded Italian blend or Mozzarella
1 1/2 C of Shredded Cheddar [I used Sharp]

Cook your pasta sauce. I cooked mine 3 hours.

Note: reserve 1 cup of sauce for topping.

Cook your pasta al dente and drain into a large bowl.

To the pasta:
Crumble in Ricotta. [or scoop out small spoon portions - helps distribute evenly]
Add 1/2 cup of each shredded cheese.
Add pasta sauce [remember to reserve 1 cup]

Pour into baking dish [dishes].
Top with remaining sauce.
Top with remaining shredded cheeses.

If baking immediately bake at 350* for 1 hour.
If refrigerated, let sit at room temp 30 minutes and bake until hot & bubbly.
If frozen, thaw and bake until hot & bubbly.



  1. Thank you so much for sharing at Weekend Potluck and thank you so much for linking back too. I'm sharing this recipe over on facebook. That pasta sauce sounds so yummy too!!

  2. I'm gonna fix this for Fathers Day Lunch. He loves pasta....and this looks sooooo good. The Grands will love it too !Katie Nail

    1. Thanks! It really is good. When I came up with my own sauce I never went back to the jar. It's worth the little bit of work. You could make the sauce the day before. And this dish heats up well the next day. I hope you enjoy it.

  3. This looks really good! I'm wondering if you could add ground beef to it, or maybe even some cooked chicken?

    1. I use beef when using for spaghetti. Haven't thought about chicken.

  4. Replies
    1. It is...I love pasta so I may be biased :)


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